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Waterfox è fondamentalmente una versione a 64 bit di Firefox.

L’interfaccia resta la stessa della volpe a 32 bit ma il codice sorgente di Firefox è preso e compilato per funzionare appositamente su macchine a 64 bit.

Waterfox funziona su Windows Vista e Windows 7 a 64 bit. Richiede Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x64).

Waterfox vs. Firefox & Waterfox features:

-The add-ons for Firefox will work with this Firefox version too.
-Supports auto-updates, you won’t need to manually check for updates.
-Compiled with SSE, SSE2, x64 favoring enabled.
-You can install both Firefox and Waterfox in your Computer without any problems, however you may not use them at the same time since Waterfox uses Firefox profile.
-You’ll have to wait for Waterfox when Official Mozilla Firefox is released as it needs to be recompiled into Waterfox
-You must’ve Visual C++ redistributable installed.

Written by ilaria giannattasio

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